This mix is/was a classic. I use it as a warm-up just about every time I DJ out in the boonies (which I guess isn't much, but still...) XMU is?/was the indie-oriented station in the satellite radio roster, and Gavin, host of their dance music show which I believe is/was called Indeed, invited C&J to contribute a mix to be played over the air. CAPS AND JONES IN SPACE!

(Correctly) assuming that every other DJ asked to participate, not to mention the show's format, would lean heavily on a la mode acts like Justice, Spankrock, Vitalic, et al we morphed into our Dizzy and Daffy Dean personae and threw them this classic rock curveball. With the exception of the set-ender, no one with a sense of rhythm would deny that these are very much Dance Songs, but I don't think it's at all what we were expected to deliver.  We were just as proud of that fact as we were of the mix itself, which is full of improbably awesome transitions and underappreciated songs that either had been or would become C&J live staples.