My eclectic tastes, affable personality and years of practice make me a Swell Wedding DJ.

I'll play anywhere, and my rates are reasonable. If a Fun Dance Party is an important facet of your wedding plans, consider inviting P. Jones. Here is what some satisfied post-nuptial party people had to say after I rocked their receptions:

"Pandemonium Jones is a must for any wedding!  A DJ can make or break your big day.  After attending two weddings with Brian as the DJ, we knew we needed him at ours.  Brain keeps the dance floor packed the whole night with the greatest music.  He took all of our requests into account, but didn't rely on them.  When I didn't have a father-daughter song, he picked just the right one!  Brian is great for any type of wedding... backyard or classy hotel.  He is very professional and asked nothing of us on the wedding day (which may not seem like a big deal, but it is very important).  We highly recommend Brian for any event, especially for a wedding!" - Casey Stefanski, married October 2013 in Washington, D.C.

"Pandemonium Jones is the BEST choice if you want your wedding/event/celebration to have a perfectly suited soundtrack. Brian expertly handled the music for our wedding from every angle. Throughout the planning and the wedding weekend, Brian was extremely helpful, attentive, and totally flexible. He was right on point every minute - from the welcome dinner straight through to the ceremony and the reception. The music made the party incredible - everyone felt awesome and excited and we wanted the night to never end! I was so thrilled and thankful to have Pandemonium Jones on board and definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone." - Hannah Cedermark, married August 2013 in Rutland, Vermont

"How to describe the musical stylings of Pandemonium Jones? The aural embodiment of that scene in The Little Mermaid where she's got all the forks and toasters and hairpins and whatnot and she's psyched and swimming around and singing. The soundtrack equivalent of going to TJ Maxx and finding all types of ill shit that you definitely needed but hadn't thought about in a while, like a salad spinner and a plate that's just for holding deviled eggs. Remember when you made that bomb dinner where you threw a bunch of random veggies and legumes and grains and sauces into a pot? THINK OF THAT FOR YOUR EARS. Jonesy has that special blend that'll keep everybody shaking it on your special special day. I know this, because that's just exactly what he did for me on mine. " - Alison Macrina, married March 2010 in Philadelphia